Iyengar Rope Yoga with Jo Longhurst

Rope Yoga is an uniquely Iyengar experience. Developed by BKS Iyengar as an extension to his philosophy of using props to attain correct alignment for students of all abilities.

Ropes breakdown the pose giving the student more deeper awareness and detail of the given pose. They also help bring students back into alignment in a very gentle way with a chiropractic, physio and massaging effect. When the student feels the correct alignment through the ropes this aids their yoga practice back on the mat. Hanging upside down (inversion) is a unique sensation that can become addictive! It is actually a far more gentle and supported way to perform inversions. Hanging in the ropes sounds a bit scary but is in fact a most soothing and relaxing exercise that is extremely calming and creates a lot of fun and brings a smile to your face!

The class is a a three hour exploration of how the rope assists the spine and posture in a fun, energising and relaxing way.


Iyengar Rope Workshops

Iyengar Yoga Workshops – Sundays
Sunday 28th Aug 1-4pm
Sunday 11th Sep 1-4pm
Sunday 16th Oct 1-4pm
Sunday   6th Nov 1-4pm
Sunday   4th Dec 1-4pm

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