Henrietta Gothe-Ellis and Chris Goodwin

Start Date:

May 15, 2022

Start Time:

4:00 pm

End Time:

5:00 pm

Immerse yourself in our first group meditative sound journey in Australia with The Wise Ones. We invite you to receive our latest trans:mission H:O:M:E, where you will be transported in under 30 minutes of deep listening to a meditative state of home within. Relax and receive in 432hz frequency sound, calm the nervous system, and return to your natural state of peace. Experience the healing power of sound.


Welcome to The Wise One Within, a library of sacred sound journeys for the Soul.

 Birthed from ‘The Sacred Leadership Journey’ in Egypt 2020, The Wise One Within is a collaboration between Henrietta & Chris, created over 2 years and 3 continents. It is a place where Sacred Mission, Planetary Gridwork and Divine Union intersect. The three pillars of Sacred Leadership, in its physicalised expression.

 These pure trans:missions are spiritual journeys through the power of sound, uniting hand selected artists, and alchemised by Henrietta and Chris. 9 Sacred Journeys form the foundation of their body of work, created and energetically encoded at sacred sites around the world, from the Great Pyramids of Egypt, to Stonehenge and Uluru.

 They have been described as “sonic love journeys” “elixir for the soul” and “the holy grail”.

The Wise One Within = Symphony of the Soul.

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