Hatha Flow with Jenny

Jenny Segail teachers a Hatha based yoga class.   We start with a gentle warm-up, as we connect to that Yoga Zone, relax, settle the mind and ease gently into the practise.   The pace then picks up and the class moves into some of the stronger and more challenging postures and balances.  Jenny specialises in sequencing, poses that move effortlessly from one to another.  Breath is encouraged and students are reminded to combine each movement with breath.  Jenny’s goal is to improve strength and flexibility and often adds challenging poses to stretch each student.   Attention is drawn to correct alignment so that pain and injury is avoided. Sometimes, each class is focused on a particular part of the body for example hips and hamstrings or back and yet other times it might be a general all round class.  Jenny tries to offer students variety – so each class is a different experience. We always end with relaxation and meditation and Jenny shares a reading of wisdom and inspiration to encourage people to improve their lives and find happiness.