Jenny Segail has been doing yoga since 1999. She trained with Byron Yoga and Judy Krupp. Her style is Hatha based but she incorporates her own style of moving, through her experiences with yoga, dance, movement and her knowledge of the body. Jenny stresses the importance of alignment to prevent pain and injury and has an in-depth knowledge of how to use yoga to heal the back, hips, knees and neck.

Breath is a big part of the class and Jenny teaches her students how to combine deep, cleansing and energising breaths with yoga poses. Jenny works with yoga flow and fluidity – yoga sequences that float from one to another with the least bit of jarring to the body.

Movement detoxifies the body, creates energy and clears the mind. Many people attend class to help with stress relief and Jenny’s soothing voice and caring nature melts away anxiety as the students take a breathing space from their busy lives.

Jenny is a big believer in positive thinking and living your best life and her words of wisdom at the end of each class is inspirational in living more peacefully. Jenny runs yearly yoga, nature and wildlife tours to exotic, bucket list destinations.

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