South American Yoga, Nature and Wildlife Adventure


We’re taking you on a magical journey full of adventure and unforgettable wow moments to two of the most incredible destinations in South America. Just like Bhutan, we have packed this tour with a wide variety of amazing settings, spectacular sights and unique experiences.

First, we’re off to the enchanting and spiritual Sacred Valley in Peru. We’re staying at the 4-star wellness retreat, Willka Tika, surrounded by beautiful floral Chakra gardens and stunning views of the spectacular Andean mountains. Most days we start off with yoga lead by Jenny Segail in one of the well-equipped, purpose-built yoga studios, adorned with local art. We’ll be eating high protein grains and legumes and organic freshly harvested vegetables and salads from the retreats vege gardens for breakfast and dinner. Lunch will be at authentic local restaurants. Experience a floral stone, medicinal bath under the night sky and a fire ceremony and coca leaf reading lead by local healers. We’ll be taking in the sites and spiritual meanings of the Sacred Valley where we’ll experience the ancient, colourful Incan culture at every turn.

We’ll see the city of Cusco, the ruins of Pisaq, ride quad bikes to the terraces of Moray and the 3000 salt ponds, fly on a zip line through the snow-capped Andes Mountains and daisy trees and horse ride in lush valleys. The highlight is a wondrous and picturesque train journey to the iconic Machu Picchu, one of the original 7 wonders of the world. Then there’s a Peruvian cooking class and a feast thereafter. Finally, we challenge ourselves on a hike through quaint Peruvian villages, admiring decorated alpacas to reach the amazing Rainbow Mountain viewpoint, a multi-coloured banded peak, only recently discovered by the outside world. 


During the second week, we head off to a nature lover’s paradise in the Pacific Ocean, first discovered by Charles Darwin in 1835, the Galapagos Islands. We spend 7 nights staying at the Semilla Verde retreat surrounded by roaming giant tortoises. Our naturalist host, Robert, will take us by boat to 5 islands on separate days. The joyous sounds of the many unusual bird species living in the area create a peace like no other. Each day after yoga and breakfast, we’ll see all of the amazing and unique land, marine, plant and bird life that are endemic only to these tiny isolated islands. You’ll see marine and land iguanas, seals, sea lions, penguins, Sally Lightfoot crabs, sharks, tropical fish, rays, turtles, shearwaters, frigate birds, finches and more boobies than you can shake a stick at!

There’ll be time for snorkelling, kayaking and hiking as we experience the abundant and diverse life from the sunny coastal beaches to the cloud-covered hills.

On this double destination journey, your cameras will overheat as you are faced with photo opportunities at every turn and return home with incredible stories.

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