Yoga is a way of life for Ange – extending far beyond the yoga mat, she finds grounding in the philosophy and the deeper practices of yoga. It has helped her to move mindfully through the world, helped her to surrender to life’s challenges and gain mastery over her thoughts. 

Through a deeper connection to Self, she has been able to find acceptance for all she cannot change, unlock unconscious behavioural patterning and move through life with more clarity and ease. 

Ange gets much joy in sharing the tools of yoga with her students and helping them to unlock their potential. She believes that helping people connect with their true essence through physical yoga (asana), pranayama and meditation is one of the greatest acts of service she can offer the world. 

Ange’s classes are informed by the traditional teachings of tantric hatha yoga – a system that values the flexibility of your mind over the flexibility of your body. This system offers a path for students to find stability and ease in their life, and connect with who they truly are beneath all the labels, identities and to-do lists. 

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