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The class is for anyone who wants to do a gentle Hatha Yoga practice but doesn’t want to start too early : ) It’s a class that is very relevant to the times we are living in, which are increasingly sedentary and screen orientated, addressing postural and lifestyle imbalances and offering guidance on how to reconnect with our bodies in a way that offers us more ease and range of movement, less pain, more awareness, less tension. After yoga, you simply feel better and are therefore more likely to both enjoy your day and be more productive. Yoga is a portal in to tending to all of our experience in a way that is tangible, constructive and kind. We’ll be focusing on :- building a strong foundation of awareness and practice, increasing mobility, strength, flexibility and stamina, learning how look after our individual bodies breathing better and moving with the breath. Christina has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and is known to her students for her passion, knowledge and care. She is always interested in the specific needs of the individual so whether you are wanting to strengthen your core or a joint, lessen lower back pain, release tight hips or shoulders, learn how to breathe better or release tension, please know that you can bring your needs and interests to the class and, over the weeks, she will get to know you, help and aim to address them.

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