Master of & Sport & Exercise Science (UNSW)

Bachelor of Sport Science (Exercise Science UNSW)

Registered Fitness Professional (FitRec)


30 years working in the Health & Fitness Industry including personal training, sports coaching, group exercise, exercise therapy and rehabilitation.

15 years teaching functional/gentle exercise to groups and individuals at Breathing Space Yoga Avalon.

8 years full-time at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre (Exercise Specialist)


Stuart’s classes blend a variety of exercise styles, postures and movements all designed to help develop strength, flexibility, balance and mobility. Stuart teaches in a practical, user-friendly style, which is understandable and achievable by individuals at any level of fitness.  Stuart offers years of experience in exercise prescription, exercise physiology and functional anatomy, to provide safe and effective exercise routines in a small group setting.

  • Strength & Flexibility  (FRIDAYS:  7:30am – 8.45am)

This 75 minute class blends all aspects of both Monday’s classes, over a slightly shorter duration. Swiss Balls provided.

  • Strength & Mobility  (MONDAYS:  7:30am – 8.15am)

This 45 minute class focuses on improving functional strength, postural alignment and pelvic stability. Developing these aspects of function can help reduce pain and stiffness in the body, as well as improve general mobility, agility and a greater sense of overall wellbeing.  Swiss Balls provided.

  • Balance and Flexibility  (MONDAYS:  8:20am – 9.00am)

This gentle 40 minute class includes exercises and postures aimed to help improve balance, mobility and flexibility.  Stuart will guide you through a variety of effective sequences to help peel away the layers of tension in the body and mind. The class will also help loosen up stiff muscles and joints, and leave you feeling refreshed and focused.

PLEASE NOTE:  The ‘Strength & Mobility’ class and the ‘Balance & Flexibility’ classes can be attended separately, or as the popular combined (90 minute) class.

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