Gwynne Jones

Winter Yin and Meditation


Winter and the Water Element

Each season has its own unique qualities reflected in our minds and bodies.

The winter is a time to conserve and contain our energy

heal and balance the spine and nervous system.

Turning inward  to nourish the inner aspect 

Restoring and conserving our body and deep energy dropping into the warm winter Ki flow.

The movement of water element is downward,

our deep energy

the spine posture and breath

settling into stillness.

In this workshop, students mindfully explore practices specifically related to winter, the water element and vata.

Gentle postures will focus on the kidney and bladder meridians

targeting spine, low back, neck.

Come along and explore the gentle meditative side of yoga with practices informed by winter themes.

Join Gwynne at Avalon Yoga Co-op, zoom in or recording

bookings: 0414 579 446


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Winter Yin Meditation Workshop 30 June only. Contact Gwynne 0414 579 446

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